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Contribute towards GBGBA’s work with children

Dear Friends,

You will be happy to know that Ghar Bachao Ghar Banao Andolan has started a Children Learning Center (CLC)in one of the most marginalized area of Mumbai-Deonar dumping ground. People who are living here have built their houses on heap of garbage—such is the level of poverty in this area. It is also an evidence of how the commodification of housing is pushing the poorest citizens to the margins of the city. This is what GBGBA is fighting against since last 13 years and is actively campaigning to declare housing as ‘right’ and not as a commodity. Though fundamental changes in the policies have not been made yet but our struggle and negotiations in grassroots have saved the houses of thousands of poor in Mumbai. GBGBA is also a struggle by the poor slum dwellers to bridge gaps between haves and have-nots. The CLC is one such effort to work with the children in the poorest areas of the city and make them capable enough for formal education.

The CLC was the idea of one of the volunteers of GBGBA who wanted to create more and more awareness about importance of education. It is a community where majority of the residents are rag-pickers. Gulab bhai—the GBGBA volunteer don’t want these children to inherit their parents’ profession. When the CLC was opened on 22nd July, 2018 and the children started pouring in, it was shocking to see children up till the age of 12 have never gone to school, some were drop outs and some don’t get quality education in the existing municipal schools.

It is a month old initiative. We are working on to make it suitable for children of different age groups, deficiencies and capabilities. A few public spirited professionals are volunteering to make it happen. For more details of the process—follow this link.

ThisCLC has a nominal monthly expense of only Rs. 12,000 as we only have to pay to the part time teachers. We are getting books and stationary through donations. No children is charged a fee here. It is the least amount in which a lot of underprivileged children can be assured education opportunity. Any big or small contribution/commitment from your side will contribute making possible for these children to have a better world–out of the garbage.

You can commit to pay once or every month or for any specific period. Contribution can be full amount to any amount between Rs. 500-Rs. 12,000.

If you decide to contribute, do send your contribution online by following this link. Please email us the receipt after you have made the payment, at so that we can keep track of who is sending the money. In case you have problem sending money online, you can write to us at the same email address.

Thank you,

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