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Volunteering Opportunities


We are looking for people to volunteer for our andolan and campaigns round the year. This could involve working on specific issues or campaigns. This could also mean contributing through your specific skill sets in your own time. For instance, you may choose to help out with daily logistics and documentation while supporting GBGBA-NAPM. If you are into writing or media you may like to consider writing a blog or developing podcasts for the website.  If you are more inclined towards research you can support us through your fact finding work or focused reviews on specific issues. If you are artistic then possibly you would like to contribute by designing t-shirts, banners, posters or by producing interesting graffiti, etc. And if you would like to take a step further produce a movement pamphlet and advocate for various issues in public forums like colleges then by all means do that. In a nutshell, there is no limit to ways in which you can join and contribute. There is no limit of time and you can help us by translating, writing, running our website, blogging, promoting our work on social media or just by joining our mailing list and coming to our events and supporting our work in which ever way you think.


The network runs on donations from supporters and their good will and hence is in no position to pay any honorarium, however, we try and cover all the work related expenses.


Why you may volunteer or intern with us:


While, this is a voluntary role, it will be an incredible way to enrich your world view by understanding different issues, developing skills on campaigning and political work, gaining experience on organizing and mobilizing people and exploring the potential of your own skills in this work. Not to mention the many exciting opportunities to interact and work with key activists in the country. The finer nuances of how you can contribute can be worked out once you have decided. And once you do then the only prerequisites are will and skill.


If you are interested then kindly write to us with a brief about yourself mentioning your background, education, experiences, time commitment, language, computer or other skills, expectations from this association.


In case you would like to get in touch regarding anything – questions, concerns, confusions, confirmation just write to


Ghar Bachao Ghar Banao Andolan (GBGBA) C/O Chemical Mazdoor Sabha, 29-30 ‘A’ Wing, Haji Habib Building, Naigaon Cross Road, Dadar (East), Mumbai-400014


Read NAPM’s News magazine, Movement of India @ | Twitter @gbgbandolan | | 9958660556