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‘Homeless Shelter Support’ is an initiative to facilitate social workers and other concerned citizens who may want to help homeless person in Mumbai get a homeless shelter. Unfortunately, the state of homeless shelter in our country is very poor. Despite clear orders from the Supreme Court, we still lack enough number homeless shelters as against the homeless population in India. Ghar Bachao Ghar Banao Andolan along with Habitat and Livelihood Welfare Association (HALWA) and Pehchan have filed a case in the State Maharashtra State Human Rights Commission (MAS Case No. 3163/13/16/2020 Bilal Khan and Ors. vs MCGM) and have made the following demand: 

  1. The MCGM must be held accountable for not constructing adequate number of shelters and adhering to NULM guidelines.
  2. There are more than 7 lakh people in Mumbai slums who live on rent, with the stringent lockdown, job losses and sluggish economic activities people have been either evicted or had to take shelter on the streets and footpath. Newspapers reports suggest homelessness has increased in the post lockdown period. We request the Hon’ble Commission to direct to municipal authorities to make an assessment of new homeless and make appropriate shelter arrangement.
  3. A separate department serving as a one stop centre dealing with the affairs of homeless person should be constituted, with able staff members and budgetary allocation under the mandated activities of poverty alleviation programs of the municipal corporation. The department should be enabled to assist homeless person to secure admission, conduct necessary medical test, and inclusion in the social welfare schemes along with others.

This space will be updated as per the development in the matter.

Tips for providing shelter to homeless persons

  1. If you come across any homeless person who informs you that they need a shelter, first thing you should do is to immediately inform the local police station.
  2. While informing the police station the informer must be patient and persistent as the police can be discouraging in the process of sending the homeless person to a shelter home as the process involves lots of paperwork and involvement of various stakeholders.
  3. The police might urge to send the person to beggars’ home. But we have to insist on the completion of the identification process and inform the NGOs and shelter homes associated with rescue of homeless.
  4. During the process one can refer to the list of NGOs and shelter homes in Mumbai given below to assist the police in reaching out to shelter homes that can accommodate the person.
  5. During the whole process one must always remember that, consent of the homeless person is very essential in this matter. Without their consent we can’t proceed to send them to the shelter home.

Helpline Numbers:

  • The BMC helpline number is 1800-22-1292 and would be active between 9am to 9 pm every day in this lockdown period and the homeless, stranded laborers can seek for food packets, grocery packets and temporary shelter.
  • 1916 – Helpline Number. It has been activated to assist the citizens of Mumbai during this Covid-19 pandemic.

Lists of Shelter Homes in Mumbai

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