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Urban Planning Response in Mumbai During the COVID-19 Lockdown: A Citizen’s Charter

15th April 2020

As the first phase (21 days) of the COVID-19 lockdown ends and an additional fortnight is imposed, the State of Maharashtra and the Union of India need to revisit their current policies and responses. Over the last two weeks information coming from surveys from low income neighbourhoods in Mumbai indicate the lack of planning and management that ought to have been in place by now. This document provides an action plan for the city of Mumbai that can help the government respond in more equitable and effective manner over the next few weeks in the effort to overcome the pandemic.

Ghar Bachao Ghar Banao, along with four civil society organizations, outlines an urban action plan for the second phase of the lockdown (14th April to 30th April 2020) imposed by the government during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Read the report on urban planning response for covid

The citizens charter was prepared by

1. Collective for Spatial Alternatives – CSA
2. Ghar Bachao Ghar Banao Andolan
3. Homeless Collective
4. Human Rights Law Network
5. Pani Haq Samiti

Representation to District Collectors to address gaps where benefits/facilities have not been provided during the pandemic lockdown

12th April 2020

Read the petition here: representation to District collectors

A number of big and small organisations including GBGBA are doing relief work in the current situation of lockdown. We at GBGBA have been providing dry food ration, cooked food, protective gears and other essential itemsto poor and needy persons. However, it seems that even the combined efforts of voluntary organisations and government are not able to reach out to the abundant poor population of the city (which has half of its population living in slums / informal settlements) in order to provide relief. While there are gaps in the schemes introduced by the government to address issues of food and other requirements of the poor, daily wage earners and marginalized groups on account of this lockdown, there are also gaps in the implementation of the existing schemes.

We identified a number of issues being faced by poor persons living in slums due to the lockdown to contain COVID-19 and urge the administration to look into these issues and address them on an urgent basis.


Donate To Provide Ration To Poor Families/Daily Wage Earners Affected By Lockdown

Those who are worst affected by the COVID-19 Lockdown are the daily wagers. We see them around as vegetable vendors, construction workers, auto-rickshaw, OLA/Uber taxi drivers, domestic helper and other informal workers. They do not have enough savings or ration to sustain a long lockdown.

Our governments are doing their best to stop COVID-19 but it is also our responsibility to cooperate with the government and standby our fellow poor citizens in time of need.

In Mumbai, we have identified 800-1000 families in slums of Malvani and Govandi who have absolutely no support. We have decided to provide them with support in the form of packages of food and other essential items. This package will contain supplies for 10-10 days. Supplies will be distributed through a network of our volunteers in respective slums. Wheat flour, Rice, Toor Dal, Oil, Sugar, Poha, Tea, Rawa, Washing Powder and Bathing Soap will be there in each packet. Cost of each packet is Rs. 1000/-.

To make it possible we will need your support to ensure enough food supplies till the time lockdown is lifted. As of now, we are aiming to provide support for a month.

Please donate generously so that we can enable our poor fellow citizens to fight Corona Virus confidently without worrying about food insecurity.

Donate here


In 2003, the global consulting firm McKinsey & Company came out with a project “Vision Mumbai: Transforming Mumbai into a World-Class City.” The ‘Vision Mumbai’ plan came with the idea of redevelopment of slums, in which at least 60% of the area occupied by slums should be freed for commercial purposes. These plans led to the demolition of 90,000 slum hutments in 2004-05. Those families who proved themselves eligible under 1995 cut-of-dates were rehoused and other were left homeless. After that, this practice of demolition continued over the years leaving lakhs of people homeless. We are campaigning for preserving housing rights of Mumbai’s poor who have been affected by such demolition drives again and again. Currently we are running our movements in around 20 slum settlements of Mumbai.

Campaign details.

Volunteering Opportunities

We are looking for people to volunteer for our andolan and campaigns round the year. This could involve working on specific issues or campaigns. This could also mean contributing through your specific skill sets in your own time.

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