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Spend time with a super exciting bunch of tiny tots, this summer

A chance to contribute, mentor and have fun with the young minds at the Children Learning Centre(CLC)

“It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.”

–  Frederick Douglas

If you love working with children or helping them learn, then we have just the perfect opportunity for you. Be a part of a greater cause and support our efforts for children’s welfare and education, with our latest initiative- Children’s Learning Centre (CLC), at Sanjay Nagar Slum in Govandi, Mumbai.

Children of CLC along with the volunteers of GBGBA.

What does CLC do?

At CLC, we help the children from economically challenged backgrounds to get back into the school system and help them to stay in school. Our goal is to nurture and shape these young minds to become contributing members of the society, by providing them with their basic right to education.

These children have braved through the most terrible circumstances and were even turned down by the local government school authorities. With little support, these children quickly grasped the lessons taught at the centre and were assimilated back into the school system, which had once failed to understand their immense potentials.

Founded in July 2018, CLC was a humble learning centre for 70 marginalized children in the area, between the age of 5 – 15, tutored in a one- bedroom home of Gulab Bhai, a local resident and the founder of the centre. GBGBA gave it a new lease of life by creating a more structured and sustainable model of education (Click on the link to know more-

The magic show conducted at CLC on April 10.

How can you participate?

CLC is growing and needs more volunteers to teach these brilliant minds or simply spend time with them and have fun (we do a lot of fun activities with the children). We promise you the experience is not just humbling but buzzing with incredible positive energy full of laughter, hope and great joy.  Relive your childhood through these beautiful young children and help them have a regular childhood of equal opportunities.

You can also contribute financially towards their admission fees, the center’s infrastructure and other amenities, to run the program. (Here’s a link to make a donation). You could also get in touch with us to understand how the children are directly benefitting from the financial aid.


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