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Community comes forward to support the Children Learning Center

Students of Children learning center

GBGBA’s Children Learning Centre was able to admit four children to the municipal school (Hindi Medium). These kids will be going to the school for the first time. It is quite of an achievement for an initiative that is just two months old. What is heartening is to see the support we are receiving our Children Learning Center is receiving from the community. The neighborhood is willing to go to the end of the earth to support the Center. As the number of children are increasing in the Center and given the space crunch we are unable to accommodate these many children in one small space. When we shared this problem, the community did not hesitate to open the doors of their houses for running our center. Now we have two houses which are given to us to run our Center every day for few hours.

 To sustain this Center for children, we would greatly appreciate your support by volunteering and/or donating.  Your generosity will make an immediate difference in the lives of many underprivileged children at the Center. In addition, we like to invite you to visit our learning Center, meet the kids and the community. We also would like to invite you for volunteering in hosting workshops on reading, art and theater. Any suggestion or ideas to make this initiative a better one are most welcome.

Please follow this link to donate.

To read more about the Children Learning Center click here.

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