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Report on Mahul PAP township, 2017

Read report: mahul-report-draft-2-small-1

The report by Collective for Spatial Action (2017) shows that the PAP township in Mahul has all the characteristics of “slum area” defined by the Slum Act. Population densities are untenably high leading to overcrowding, sanitation is inadequate and dysfunctional, facilities for community use are grossly insufficient, buildings are of faulty arrangement and improperly designed, streets and courts are too narrow to allow adequate lighting and ventilation. The Mahul scheme aims to rehabilitate 86,205 people on less than one-third of the land required for producing a livable neighbourhood.

The report finds that the settlement is unfit for habitation in its present conditions and the only way to make it habitable is if more than half the buildings are pulled down. 

Authors: Hussain Indorewala, Shweta Wagh

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