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From slum towards education: A success story of GBGBA’s Children Learning Centre

Mumbai: Jan 5

Zayra,  year old girl, who started coming to the Children learning centre (CLC) of GBGBA little late after it started in June. Zayra is now one of the brightest students according to her teachers at CLC. It is now more than six months since GBGBA started serving poor normal children from the urban slums of Mumbai by offering them free educational support. 

Children Learning Centre when started in June 2018 its teachers had to take many efforts to convince families residing on Deonar dumping ground to send their children to the centre. Zayra is also one such example. Her teachers had to take special efforts to convince her parents to send her to the centre and also to develop interest in studies and education in her. At the starting when she started coming to the CLC she was one of them who sit quietly at last row of the classroom. Also, she did not have any idea about education or school as her parents were not able to send her for formal schooling due to the financial instabilities at their home.

After joining CLC, Zayra took interest in studies. She is now able to read Hindi and English. She knows table till 2 to 10 and she can also recite poems. She is the most regular student as CLC. her parents are daily wage worker, it is not possible for them to enrol her in the school. A bright student like her can miss her bright future without the support of people like us.

To support her and many other students like her please contribute to our children learning centre.

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