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Bombay HC asks govt to either relocate or compensate the Mahul residents

Mumbai: In the latest order, Bombay High court, has ordered the Government of Maharashtra to either relocate the Tansa Pipeline Affected Persons to a better place or compensate them enough so as to enable them to rent a house in Mumbai. It is certainly a milestone in GBGBA’s campaign demanding relocation of Project Affected Persons living in resettlement site in Mahul to a better place but the final goal will be achieved only when the order gets implemented in letter and spirit.

Residents of Mahul suffering from serious health issues

In the detailed order dated 8th August, 2018 which was uploaded a couple of days ago the Bombay HC has asked the government to decide on one of the two options latest by 1st of October. We have not heard of any decision from the government till date. Residents of Mahul feel agitated by this callous attitude of the government even when the HC has approved of their grief.

Aggrieved residents of Mahul have decided to do the gherao of the MLAs of the areas where they were previously residing. As the residents of Mahul are still listed as the voters of their previous areas, they think that their MLAs-especially who are part of the party 78in power- are duty bound to work for their welfare and resolving the issues of their rehabilitation. The residents in Mahul resettlement site have been resettled from different locations in Mumbai. All these residents have written to their respective MLAs way before requesting them to resolve the issues of their rehabilitation. After receiving no words from any of the MLAs, the residents have decided to do gherao of MLAs outside their residents/office to ask what have their government done to resolve the issue of rehabilitation especially on the lines of directions given by the HC. The gherao will take place on 2nd of October.

Click here to see all the important grounds on which the HC given the above order.   

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