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Mumbai’s Yari* Road lives up to its name!

Mumbai, 5 February 2019: Social activists strive for solidarity between classes, between castes, between genders and between nations but unfortunately such instances are rare. In an unexpected turn of events, recently evicted slum residents of  Yari Road experienced a heart-rending show of solidarity , when their affluent counterparts from the same neighborhood took to the streets to protest the inhuman treatment of these newly- homeless people at the hands of the State government.

The residents of the Yari Road extended their support by providing clothing and shelter in their own homes; even the schools waived away their compulsory uniform policy to accommodate students who had lost their uniforms during the demolition and were appearing for their exams.

As a part of the GBGBA, we have provided the interim support of legal guidance to the Yari Road slum dwellers. A case has been filed with the High Court, as we speak. A period of two- weeks has been given to the government, to respond.

Such an act of benevolence, that transcends class, caste, creed, religion and other societal divides, is a perfect example of the phrase – ‘Love thy neighbor’.

*Yari is a commonly used Hindi word, derived from Farsi which means friendship.



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