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Update: Ambujwadi gets water from BMC after 20 years of wait while water mafias in the area create obstruction

After almost 20 years of existence, Ambujwadi-an informal settlement in Malvani, Mumbai Municipal Corporation (popularly known as BMC)  has finally recognized the right of the people and conceded to allow water supply to the slum. The joint efforts of the organized slum dwellers through Ghar Bachao Ghar Banao Andolan for over two years finally resulted in the beginning of water supply in the slums of Ambujwadi. Currently, two tankers of ten thousand litres each reach Ambujwadi daily, which is then distributed into 500 cans of 40 litres each. This supply is available only to a small fraction of a large population of around 50,000 in Ambujwadi.

Before these tankers were authorized to sup

Ambujwadi Water Supply
Water brought through water tanker from BMC local ward office is being transferred to water tank from which water is distributed to local residents

ply water, residents had to buy water from private sources where each can of 40 litres was priced at Rs. 20-25. The residents complained that the water they bought from private sources stank and was unclean. They suspected that it was unhygienic and also the cause of many diseases in the slums. The new water supply through the tankers is priced at Rs. 7 for every 40 litre can of water.

The BMC after allowing water tankers in Ambujwadi is now creating newer problems with more absurd rules and conditions that weren’t in place earlier. The BMC is demanding licensed water transporters to take up the contract for delivering water in the slum area, the cost of which are beyond the meager means of the slum dwellers. The need for licensed water transporters has become a new, mandatory rule set by the BMC recently, to create more hassles and deny the people of Ambujwadi their right to clean, affordable and legal drinking water. At double the cost of unlicensed water suppliers, the people of Ambujwadi are grappling with the rates enforced by authorized license-holders in order to meet the unnecessary and regressive rules that the BMC has imposed. This is suspected to be a conspiracy of the water mafias-who used to sell water at exorbitant rates in nexus with BMC officials, so as to restrict the supply of cheap water and enable water mafias continue selling water at high rates and bad quality.

Ambujwadi Water Distribution
Water being distributed to residents of Ambujwadi

The responsibility of water supply in Ambujwadi rests on the voluntary committee that is formed there, which includes two women and three men. While the women, Nirmala Singh and Shanta mausi take care of the accounts and the responsibility of supplying the 500 cans of water, the men in the committee handle the responsibility facilitating the timely arrival of water in Ambujwadi.

We are looking to further minimize the cost of water and make it available to every family in Ambujwadi, for which we shall require your support. We intend to share a plan of action in a couple of days so that you can contribute and be a part in ensuring that water supply reaches each family in Ambujwadi at the least possible cost.

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