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GBGBA Calendar 2019-20

We are getting stronger each year with your unconditional support and heartfelt philanthropy. As a gesture of gratitude, we present to you our latest edition of GBGBA calendars. Through this calendar we have captured the spirit of GBGBA; right from the fiery protests taking over the streets to the undeterred gaze of the protestors, the calendar images are a true testimonial to the work done in the previous years.

These calendars are available for a nominal cost of Rs. 200. The proceeds from this donation will be used to pay the production cost, the courier charges and the rest will go towards GBGBA’s work, largely comprising of facilitating basic amenities (water, toilets, electricity) in slums, campaigning for housing rights and other related issues. You can also choose to donate more than the above-mentioned price.

To buy these limited-edition calendars, please click on the link towards end to make an online payment and forward the payment receipt to, along with your address.

We wish we could have shared this with you three months earlier and sincerely apologize for the delay. Though the calendar months start from April 2019, we promise you this is not just a calendar but a testament to the unwavering grit and effort to strengthen the fabric of society, by empowering the marginalized communities in their journey of self-sustenance.

For the uninitiated, Ghar Bachao Ghar Banao Andolan is a people’s movement work under the guidance and advisory of Indian social activist Ms. Medha Patkar. the brainchild of the Indian social activist, Medha Patkar. Launched in 2005, the GBGBA fights for the housing rights of the poorest of the poor, and advocate for their inclusion in the city’s planning and development. Additionally, GBGBA runs educational facilities in the poorest neighbourhoods, enabling school drop-outs and other marginalized children to enter the formal education system.

We would love your feedback on the calendars. Please do connect with us to understand our work and be part of this humane movement.

Link for online payment-

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